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Super Corn Kernels have Three flavours :

  • Peri Peri
  • Chipotle
  • Chat Masala

Super Corn products are positioned in Ready to Eat, Healthy & Tasty Snacking Space –
Kholo, Milao Aur Khao!

It is a  Gluten Free by nature and Non GMO.


Super Corn is 100% Natural, Ready to Eat, Healthy Snacking Product prepared from freshly
harvested Sweet Corn.

 It having many nutritional qualities like Low Cholesterol, Low Sugar Content / Glycemic Index. It is rich in
Antioxidants which in turn Boosts Immunity. It’s rich in Fiber which helps in Weight Management and contributes to Healthy Gut.

Sweet corn is a nutrient-rich vegetable, offering fiber, vitamins, and minerals that support various bodily functions. Sweet corn, as a wholesome food, aligns with a healthy lifestyle.

SUPERCORN – Masala Sweet corn stands as a nutrient-rich evolution of traditional sweet corn, offering pesticide free product through advanced agricultural techniques . Packed with increased vitamins and minerals, SUPERCORN provides a wholesome and flavourful option for those seeking a more nutritionally enriched corn variant.

Yes, sweet corn’s Fiber content promotes digestive health, preventing constipation. SUPERCORN – the masala sweet corn brand, offers a flavoured and convenient option for those seeking a tasty digestion-friendly snack.

Sweet corn provides essential vitamins like vitamin C for immune support and folate crucial for cell division. SUPERCORN – the masala sweet corn, adds a delightful twist to traditional nutrients, making it an enjoyable and nutritious snack.

Low in fat and sodium, sweet corn supports heart health. SUPER CORN a masala sweet corn brand (that doesn’t have added salt/preservative) ensures a tasty treat without compromising cardiovascular well-being.

Yes, sweet corn’s Fiber content aids in weight management by promoting a sense of fullness. Opting for SUPER CORN with balanced Flavors ensures a satisfying yet healthy snack option.

Yes, in moderation. The moderate glycaemic index of sweet corn makes it suitable for a diabetic diet. Choosing SUPER CORN with mindful ingredients ensures a tasty yet diabetes-friendly treat.

Sweet corn contains antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, beneficial for eye health. Opting for SUPER CORN that highlights natural ingredients adds a flavourful twist while providing antioxidants. It offers a flavoured and convenient option for those seeking a tasty digestive-friendly snack.

The Fiber in sweet corn promotes a healthy digestive system. SUPER CORN combines digestion-friendly spices ensures a tasty and gut-friendly snack option.

Super Corn excels in supporting digestive health due to its elevated Fiber content. The increased Fiber aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system by promoting regular bowel movements and preventing constipation. Choosing Super corn not only offers a delicious and crunchy snack but also contributes to overall digestive well-being.

Absolutely, sweet corn, when part of a balanced diet, offers essential nutrients. Opting for SUPER CORN that emphasizes quality ingredients ensures a delicious and nutritionally sound addition to one’s daily food choices. With enhanced levels of vitamins, minerals, and Fiber, Super Corn contributes to overall health while offering a satisfying and versatile ingredient. Whether enjoyed as a side dish or snack, Super Corn complements a balanced and nutritious diet.

Yes, sweet corn is generally safe to eat during pregnancy and lactation, offering essential nutrients. Introduce it gradually if digestive issues arise. Always consult with healthcare providers for personalized advice on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.