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57/2, Tharalu Estate, Near Kaggalipura, K.P. Road, Bangalore South, Bangalore - 560 082.

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+91 123-456-7890
+91 123-456-7890
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Super Corn Kernels have Three flavours :

  • Peri Peri
  • Chipotle
  • Chat Masala

Super Corn products are positioned in Ready to Eat, Healthy & Tasty Snacking Space –
Kholo, Milao Aur Khao!

It is a  Gluten Free by nature and Non GMO.


Super Corn is 100% Natural, Ready to Eat, Healthy Snacking Product prepared from freshly
harvested Sweet Corn.

 It having many nutritional qualities like Low Cholesterol, Low Sugar Content / Glycemic Index. It is rich in
Antioxidants which in turn Boosts Immunity. It’s rich in Fiber which helps in Weight Management and contributes to Healthy Gut.