Crispy Corn Kernels Recipe

Step 1
Take the Supercorn kernels in a mixing bowl.

Step 2
Add one tablespooon flour to begin with ,a salt and¼ teaspoon pepper powder along.

Step 3
Once it is evenly coated, add other flours mixed together well. Heat oil in a broad pan. Once hot, add the corn in portions.

Step 4
Do not stir now. Cover with a lid ¾th leaving enough space for steam to escape.Reduce the flame and continue frying carefully until the corn starts turning golden in color.

Step 5
Now heat a pan with a tablespoon of oil.In goes garlic, ginger, green chilli first and fry until they are fragrant ,add onion, fry in high flame until soft. Lower flame, add soya sauce, tomato chilli sauce, black pepper, red chilli powder, little salt.

Step 6
Add fried corn.Switch off the flame. Crispy corn ready!

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